What is TVB?

The Vertical Barre is a locally owned co-ed pole fitness studio, designed to bring you a new perspective. This unique fitness studio provides one of the best and more intense workouts in the area. Located in downtown Lafayette across from Parc International, The Vertical Barre wants to help you discover your true physical ability, while expanding your perspective through their classes and events. This workout is intense and can bring you surprising results with trainers who are eager to educate you on the mechanics of pole fitness in your journey to a healthier you!

Their goal is to change your perspective: whether it is physically upside-down with your first inversion, changing a stigma you may have with pole fitness, or even changing your outlook of yourself with their “no mirrors, no judgment” workout.

The Vertical Barre aims to teach you general awareness in both class and life. They do this through their free events like, group meditation, and while in class, they remind you to better feel your way to health from inside, out by doing their best to inform and educate on total wellbeing of your environment, body, and mind. Have fun losing weight and gaining self-efficacy by the pound, as it’s not just pole fitness, it’s total fitness! If you want results, here is the place to be! Let’s sweat!

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